Week 10

I’ve come to the end of this fabulous internship opportunity

Hard to believe that I am already coming to an end of this internship. I cannot express it all into the words of the experiences that I’ve had in the past 10 weeks. It was a truly great learning experience. I can officially say that I know a bit more about JavaScript, node.js, and WebRTC more than some other people. I cannot say that I am THAT experienced yet! 10 weeks versus those with 10+ years of experience. Nevertheless, the progress that I’ve made in the past 10 weeks is a lot more than what I’ve learned about JavaScript in one of my college classes, so this was definitely worth it! As much as I learned, I did face some obstacles that were tough for me to solve on my own, I am thankful for my team to be able to help me break down some obstacles. Hats off to Emelia, Norman, Raja, and Christian!

This week’s agenda

Not much to be said about this week except that on Monday, I was continuing to work on the “Download Transcript” button. It unfortunately did not work towards the end of last week (week 9), and into this morning. However, I asked Emelia to take a look at it and she might can figure out why it’s not working like it’s supposed to be. It ended up that I had assigned JS identifier by mistake. “GetElementByID” reference is what I am talking about. I was pointing the ID to a transcript ID that’s not in use for the specific project directory, but the ID does get used in other project directories. It’s just not this one. It was using a different transcript ID, so got that changed, and voila! The download button worked with written text file based on the written transcript. That was the last bug I’ve overcame in this internship!

Rest of the week, working on the PowerPoint presentation

After fixing the bug above, I shifted my focus fully towards the PowerPoint presentation. Emelia had her focus 100% on the paper. So with her writing the paper, I could focus 100% on the PowerPoint, and bases its content on the paper she’s writing. Both the research paper and PowerPoint turned out to be great. Of course, there were revisions to both drafts on a continuous basis all the week, and today, Friday, July 17th, we can officially say that we’ve finalized our paper and PowerPoint presentation. It’s all up in the air! Other than that, we wrapped most of other stuff up. Thank you for reading all the weekly blog posts I’ve written in the past 10 weeks. The experience was truly unique! Best of luck to you all others!

Written on July 13, 2020